Sharing A Love of Learning

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Research tells us that the best learning environment for any child is one in which a close relationship is formed between teacher and student. The academic heart of 外流影片’s Junior School is enhanced and enlightened by the close relationship between staff and students who have a common love for learning. We pride ourselves on the warm and positive relationships established between teacher and student.

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Best-Practice Approach

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Our learning programs are founded on evidence-based whole-class learning activities that provide all children with the essential core knowledge and capabilities to become successful learners. Our contemporary, best-practise approach to learning and assessment allows our teachers to tailor programs best suited to students鈥 interests and needs, all the while observing the delivery of the mandated NSW curriculum.

Early Learning Curriculum

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Our Early Learning curriculum for those students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 is centred around the InitaiLit program that focuses on building skills and knowledge in spelling, reading, and writing. Numeracy, problem solving and critical and creative thinking are also core components of the Early Learning curriculum.

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Providing Support

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We recognise that each student grows at their own pace and so we provide specialised programs, including individual support, for students who need further assistance and those in need of further challenge. Optimal class sizes allow for effective one on one education for all students, including those with specific needs.

Ready to Enrol?

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Join us at the oldest and most trusted, premier independent school in the Blue Mountains. Be welcomed into the warmth of our close-knit and generous community.