A Sense of Community

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外流影片 has a well-established house system that supports the school’s sense of community, pastoral care programs and friendly competition both on the field and in the classroom.

Each of the six Houses are named after very special people that each played a significant role in growing 外流影片 through various actions, including as generous benefactors.

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Hughes House Crest | 外流影片, Sydney


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In honour of Mr W.W. (Bill) Hughes’ commitment to Academia and Scholarship. Mr Hughes, a former student of 外流影片 for Boys, was Dux in 1937. After his retirement in the 1980s, he was present at most School community events, generously supported many of the School鈥檚 major development projects and remained passionate about the School鈥檚 pursuit of academic excellence.
Ziele House Crest | 外流影片, Sydney


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In honour of Dr Stewart Ziele’s commitment to Sport and education. Dr Ziele was an eminent dental surgeon who attended St Alban’s Anglican Church in Leura. Upon his death in 1955 his estate purchased and donated a parcel of land to the School that enabled the expansion of educational facilities and the development of the ovals and Sports Centre that sustain the sporting life of the School.
Kelley House Crest | 外流影片, Sydney


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In honour of Mr William Kelley’s commitment to The Visual and Performing Arts. Mr Kelley provided distinguished service to 外流影片 in the 1980s and 1990s as honorary Treasurer on the School Council. As a great lover of Music, he encouraged and supported Music programmes within the School and his wife Kathleen, a talented painter, similarly encouraged the Visual Arts.
MacLaurin House Crest | 外流影片, Sydney


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In honour of Mrs Emily MacLaurin’s commitment to Christian Faith and Values. Mrs MacLaurin was a committed Christian and promoted Christian values within the Leura School for Boys. She continued with this priority once it amalgamated with 外流影片 for Boys in 1951 and moved to the present site in Wentworth Falls.
Deane House Crest | 外流影片, Sydney


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In honour of E. K. Deane鈥檚 commitment to Leadership. In 1918, Mr Deane was the founder and first Headmaster of 外流影片 for Boys at Springwood. Consistent with the times, he was strict but fair and a passionate sportsman.
Pitt House Crest | 外流影片, Sydney


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In honour of Mr Robert Matcham Pitt’s commitment to Community and Service. In 1889, Mr Pitt built Coorah as a holiday house and cultivated acres of daffodils. He and his wife became very involved in the local community and served in many ways. In 1935 he donated the homestead and its five acres of land to the furtherance of children鈥檚 education.

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