The Well-Rounded Learner

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Children learn from every aspect of their lives and no one thing they learn in their youth is more important than any other. Developing brains require movement of every kind as well as artistic and creative activities just as much as they require extensive reading. Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School鈥檚 range of cocurricular activities are designed to develop young brains, ignite the passions and grow their character and capability.

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Opportunities to Expand

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Opportunities in co-curricular start from Pre-Kindergarten with activities such as:

Art & Craft

Exploring creativity and letting the imagination run wild.


A discussion group about issues of the Christian faith.

Growth Mindset

Developing a positive, strengths-based approach to challenges.


Learning an essential life skill in a fun and safe environment.


Challenging the mind and problem solving skills whilst having fun!


Introducing students to current affairs and developing their public speaking skills.


Multiple BMGS teams play in a local competition.


Available for students in Years 3 - 6.


Available for students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6


A musical performance is held annually, all students are invited to participate.


Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics.

Opportunities to Excel

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We also offer extra-curricular opportunities for students with strengths in Mathematics, authorship and creative problem solving such as the , , and .

Our outdoor education and camp program starts from Year 2 with experiences at the School’s rural site along the Cox鈥檚 River, camps at Port Hacking and a Stage 3 field trip to Canberra.

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Ready to Enrol?

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Join the oldest and most trusted independent school in the Blue Mountains and be welcomed into a warm, close-knit, inclusive and generous community.